CONNECTING ARTISTS, TEACHERS & SUPPLIERS WITH BUYERS is an interactive E-commerce site established to give porcelain artists of all kinds a powerful, progressive platform on which they can develop their passions and have their voices heard.? An eclectic creative community, we share a love for porcelain creations of all varieties and are committed to helping foster a nurturing environment for our members. By offering specially tailored features that help you grow, interact and share,ArtonPorcelain.netprovides you, the porcelain artist, and the perfect marketplace for your unique creations.

First and foremost
Producing and launching has taken a great deal of time and effort. From conception to completion and finally the launch of this site I have asked millions of question and OK, bugged tons of friends and colleagues. Behind this memorable experience are real people who have sacrificed their time and energy to make it happen.? It is because of this personal commitment from so many incredibly helpful people that has allowed us to reach our goal. Please take this time to read and acknowledge this heartfelt and much-deserved THANK YOU to all these notable artists,Artist Contributions.

What makes us different?
Our Mission: Education, Community and Showcasing Your Work
Art on PorcelainTM, LLC is the vision of our founder, Patricia Zellmer, a talented artist who discovered her own voice through the medium of porcelain art. Patricia knows firsthand the difficulties involved for artists who want to bring their creations to the porcelain marketplace and for this reason, she has worked to create an E-commerce platform whose goal it is to Inform, Inspire and Ignite change for the common good of our community. See more, About the Founder.

At Art on Porcelain, we are committed to helping you at all the stages of your porcelain craft, from inspiration to realization to distribution.? We know that although porcelain creations are magical they don?t just appear magically - but are the products of thought, and labor, and hours and hours of carefully developed talent.? For this reason, Art on Porcelain emphasizes the creative process in our core principles: Education, Community, and Showcasing.

Although porcelain creations begin with that amazing moment of inspiration, many of them struggle to find their way into the world. That is why Art on Porcelain believes so strongly in EDUCATION as the key for success.? Our educational venues allow everyone from the beginning porcelain enthusiast to the accomplished artist to learn from experienced porcelain artteachers, so that we can alldiscover and develop new techniques (or simply brush up on those skills that we may have let lapse).? For our teachers, Art on Porcelain provides them with a global classroom where they can promote and educate people about our community and our shared passion. Art on Porcelain also knows that as artists when we go about developing our projects in the privacy of our own art spaces, we often need to reach out to others who share our struggles and passions.? That is why Art on Porcelain places such a strong emphasis on facilitating Community. At Art on Porcelain, we provide a meeting space for artists, teachers, suppliers and buyers from all over the world, so that you can help develop and market your business.? Through our forums, blog and display categories you can help keep an eye on the ever-evolving trends and opportunities in porcelain art.? By logging in and contributing, you also begin to make the kinds of like minded contacts that help you build professional, personal, and commercial relationships that will allow you to be successful as a porcelain artist or seller. Finally, Art on Porcelain is a better choice for buyers and sellers because we focus on core e-commerce standards essential to running a profitable business. When you have completed porcelain projects, Art on Porcelain allows you to access the ideal E-commerce SHOWCASE.? By having fashioned a site that caters specifically to porcelain lovers, we have created the perfect venue for displaying your porcelain creations to prospective buyers.? Unlike other arts related E-Commerce sites, Art on Porcelain?s narrower focus allows us to attract web users with a specific interest in porcelain art, and with our helpful tools and advice, we show porcelain artists how to connect with these prospective worldwide buyers.

Tell us What You Think
We are always looking for ways to help improve the member experience on our site. That is why we take your input so seriously. If you notice anything about the site that you think could be improved, have any concerns about some feature of, or simply want to express how useful a particular feature is, please contact us.? Your input helps us mold the Art on Porcelain experience, so we?d love to hear from you.
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