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SAVE SAVE SAVE! is a recently updated interactive E-commerce site established to give porcelain artists of all kinds a powerful, progressive platform on which they can develop their passions and have their voices heard. We seek to educate and empower our members, while connecting artists, teachers, and suppliers with buyers. As a member YOU will get your very own shop and start growning your company now.

Why sell on

Why sell on

No worries, No hidden fees, No long-term contracts, No hassle cancellation, No problem.

Why sell on

We help you succeed.

Check out our helpful guides, like product photography,shipping and linking to other sites.

Your success is our mutual goal.

Your success is our mutual goal.

We provide the tools you need and we teach you how to use them. Listing and selling your porcelain creations is quick and easy.

Increase your exposure

Increase your exposure

Have your own personalized studio for less than the price of your average web-hosting fee.

We take care of the technical aspect of your business, giving you more free time to create and more MONEY in your pocket.

In our marketplace,

you can choose from a plethora of creative activities. You can do everything from buying and selling original products to choosing art supplies, magazine subscriptions, antiques, or signing up for classes, and events. We plan to have it all.

Studio Package:

Are you just starting out? Need to get a feel for how it all works? No problem! We have developed a FREE package just for you! When you?re ready to go PRO, you can always upgrade.

To start selling you?ll first need to register and you?ll need a credit card for verification purposes. Need more information? See our FAQ's for Selling. our Sell 3 Easy Steps Guide and What you can sell guide.

Here are just some of the Benefits you will have at your fingertips

  • No long-term contracts
  • Manage/Create Coupons
  • My Market
  • No set up or hidden fees
  • Shop Sales Mode
  • No hassle cancellation
  • Global Editor
  • My Messages
  • Increased exposure
  • Studio Stats
  • Studio Ads
  • Individualized URL
  • Your own Banner/Avatar
  • Help/Learn Guides
  • Powerful marketing features
  • Market Hub
  • Your own Gallery
  • Google Analytics
  • Merchandiser
  • Announcements/Policies
  • Easy shop set-up process
  • Amazon WishList
  • Sold Items List
  • Manage Ads
  • Online safety and privacy
  • My Purchases
  • Promote Guides
  • Sell your Event
  • My GBase Feed
  • SEO Guides
  • Sell Magazine Subscriptions
  • Featured Items
  • Shipping Profiles
  • Original Studio Design
  • Inactive Items
  • Active Items List
  • New Items (Unlimited 10 views)

You can feel confident knowing that the online buying experience is a pleasant, safe and rewarding one for your
customers. At ArtOnPorcelain, you can turn your passion for Art into profit and jump-start your business.

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