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Art on PorcelainTM LLC www.ArtOnPorcelain.net, (“Site”) is an interactive e-commerce community that connects artists, teachers, and suppliers with buyers. Our primary goal is to help you succeed by providing a positive platform for vibrant, sustainable experiences. Because you, the Art on Porcelain member is at the heart of this interaction, your advice and critiques are very important to us.

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We work hard to make sure your ArtOnPorcelain.net experience is continuous and optimal. Our staff monitors our systems, software, and servers 24/7, 365 days a year. We are committed to a rapid response to members? needs and have protocols in place in the event of downtime. We promise to try and keep work on our systems from interfering with your business, but from time to time, we will have scheduled(and perhaps unscheduled) interruptions in service. Be assured that our entire team has the community's well being as our utmost priority.

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OurFrequently Asked Questions (FAQs) may also have answers to common queries, or you can contact the Art on Porcelain at service@ArtOnPorcelan.net

Intellectual Property Issues
If you need to contact Art on Porcelain regarding an intellectual property matter, please refer first to our AOP Copyright and Intellectual Property Policy. This document outlines the process for reporting copyright of trademark infringement.

If you run into problems getting paid or receiving merchandise, be sure to contact the other party and allow a reasonable period for a resolution first. In the unfortunate event that the other party is unresponsive and you want to let Art on Porcelain know about a transaction gone awry, you can consult our Transaction Issues guide.

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