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Flow Luster Kit [Peter Faust's Flow Technique]

$20.00 USD
Flow Luster Kit [Peter Faust's Flow Technique]

Product Description:



As with all luster techniques, one can produce stunning pieces. No two are alike as lusters fire as they will. You can use Peter Faust's flow technique many ways including as backgrounds for portraits and animals.
Kit Includes:
1. Complete east step by step directions with pictures.
2. Completed Star Ornament using resist and the flow technique.
3. Star Ornament blank.
4. Lilac Iris Luster
5. Acetone
6. Pure Gun Turpentine
7. Resist
8. Pipette
9. Ornament Hanger


Inspirational Notes:

  You can achieve stunning results with luster and no technique is more versatile than Peter Faust's flow technique. We have simplified using lusters so that you can achieve these results on your first effort or your 1000th.

Materials Used:

  Lusters, porcelain and associated supplies.

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