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Tatiana Dallest-Agoritsas previously owned and operated an established porcelain-painting studio in Downtown Geneva for over 27 years. Recently however she has relocated he studio just outside of Geneva Switzerland in France. A very magical place located directly next to her garden overlooking Lake Geneva. Her new studio is a direct reflection of her Art: with an abundance of tiles, portraying her passions and her overwhelming creativity.

Tatiana relocated her studio to be more available to teach her art all over the world. Many countries are reaching out for her as a mentor and teacher. America, Asia, Europe, China, France, Japan, etc., the list goes on and on. Of course every one is crazy about Tatiana and it is difficult for her to be everywhere all the time. Her good humor as well as her organization skills helps her maintain an aggressive schedule. The Internet serves as her boutique and the face-to-face classes and seminars allow her to transmit her art all over the world.

Take a look in her gallery as she unveils her latest creations. It is no secret her art done on porcelain shows her great skills. Tatiana invites you to enter the intimacy of her studio. “ With great pleasure, I unveil my secrets.”

Artisan Gallery

Quick Blurb: Awarding winning artist in the art of oil on porcelain. Interests: Tatiana Dallest-Agoritsas lives in France with her husband and daughter Lola. She also has two sons, a cat named Sushi and a dog named Cookie. Tatiana likes hiking, camping, skiing and traveling with her family and for work all over the world. Skills and Techniques: Like most painters “purists” I have NOT been attracted by the use of stencils or decals. However, I have noticed their use by painters and by others who would prefer beautiful scrolls rather than those that are less perfectly made by hand. I find however, it is more useful to look at the use of decals as a design tool. A few years ago I have opened the way in this area by offering “transfers” in gold, platinum,
I-relief, etc., with some repetitive patterns in order to create backgrounds and/or borders that are more interesting. Recently I have created various elegant artworks with unusual detail never seen before. I now use decals as a design tool, which adds to the overall elegance and artistic balance of my work.
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