TEACHERS are a VERY important part of ArtonPorcelain.net

ArtonPorcelain.net is not just a marketplace for the buying and selling of porcelain art works. We are a diverse and passionate community who share and promote our love for aesthetic creations produced on or with porcelain.
At ArtOnPorcelain we believe education is central to this process so we are providing a service for teachers and students to find each other. You can search by Name, Country, State, or type of technique. So go for it.

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If you're a teacher and want to find out how to be a part of our community you can find out more by reading our Teacher guide.

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Teacher Debbi_Good Debbi Debbi United States Member Since 2018
Teacher Realdarteporcelains Mario Mario Portugal Member Since 2012
Teacher Patriziaarvieri Patrizia Patrizia Italy Member Since 2011
Teacher Clair_de_Lune Tatiana Tatiana Switzerland Member Since 2011
Teacher Porcelainpalette Patricia Patricia United States Member Since 2009